International Womens Day

The Journey Begins – #internationalwomensday

Thanks for joining me! Here We Go!

As I reflect on International Women’s Day… I’m pretty fed up with WOMEN!
Here’s my two cents… if you care to read.
Feminist spend every other day of the year LITERALLY screaming at the sky for “equality”, (but really they want superiority over men). They want unearned advantages and unearned opportunities simply… because they are a woman.
Ahhhhh. Remember the good ole days when women won awards because they were actually the BEST…
Today it’s like…
(they’re kinda good but not the best) + (she’s a women) = Oscar and a Pulitzer Prize for you LADY!
I’m sorry! But is there anything more demeaning about a woman getting an award because she is mediocre BUT a woman. Hello! That’s a participation award at best! Not a real award not a real honor! It’s demeaning! Can Hollywood not see that?!?
I don’t want to be awarded or recognized for something that I DON’T earn! I don’t need anything handed to me because I am a woman! THIS IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN PEOPLE! What a joke!?! Hollywood wants awards for being a woman on the same hand they want “equality”!
But you know what… I don’t want to be equal to a man!
I don’t the responsibility of being a man… the provider and the protector!
I ain’t got time for that for all that! I WANT to be provided for and protected! Ya, I can do both myself (and I am) but I’m tired and don’t want to! THAT IS WHAT MEN ARE FOR!
That’s why they are physically larger! They have the muscles and we grow the babies!
Speaking of keeping the human race alive and continuing our future…
Do you know what breaking the GLASS CEILING looks like for a women!?! Giving birth to a child! Literally growing and bringing another life into the world! We bring life and a future into this world! We keep the human race going.
The ULTIMATE glass ceiling is NOT being president! Sorry Hillary! This might be one reason on WHAT HAPPENED! And why you lost…
Do you know what it would look like to truly break the ULTIMATE glass ceiling and then some!?! How about giving birth to a life and raising that child right… even though it may not be CONVENIENT or “the right time” and even if your man doesn’t stick around! And you may be alone!
The day we break the ultimate glass ceiling is the day we end abortion by choice… not by law! The day when WOMEN choose to give LIFE rather than end nearly 1,000,000 (2014) lives.
Choosing Life by choice not law! This is the ultimate glass ceiling!
The last decade we have torn down, beaten up and spit out our men! We have demasculated and disrespected men to the point we have lost our female power and have led to generation of men who sees nothing but the sexual value of women. A generation that doesn’t commit…doesn’t stay around… doesn’t value women or family. I’m sorry ladies but that’s on us! That’s on feminism!
I’m a proud anti feminist! I have a successful career, no children and no man! But I still understand the real reasons to celebrate women!
Happy International Women’s Day!
Especially to all my Momma Bears!
Much love and mad respect!



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