Not your MOTHER’s Feminism!

Not your MOTHER’s Feminism!
It’s 2018 – just so y’all know. I repeat it is not the 1920s or the 1960s. This is twenty first century people!
What does this mean for feminism you might ask?!?
Well a heck of a lot! We are currently on our third wave of the feminist movement. So while your mother may call herself a feminist… it ain’t the same as it was the 60s.
The dictionary definition of feminism – the theory of political, economic and social equality.
A very very very brief history of the waves of feminism.
Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 7.36.59 PM.png
Is feminism divisive?
1850s – 1900s | The First Wave
Women’s right at its finest here!
The fight for political power (the right to vote) and the beginnings of the equality movement.
(Iron Jawed Angels – a pretty good movie on this era. Link below)
1950s – 1980s | The Second Wave
During WWII women entered the workplace to help the war efforts. Post WWII many women stayed in the workforce. Thus the fight for workplace,
gender equality and the traditional idea of family and the legalization of contraceptives. All during the midst of the Civil Rights Era!
1990s – current | The Third Wave
Oh dear… here we go! I am going to try to roll “unbiased” on this one.
They are fighting for equal pay?!? Nope, that’s a myth! (And I am happy to debate that at any time)
Oh wait that’s not it… They are fighting for the right to wear “knitting pink female genitalia” on their heads?!? NO, that’s not it!
They must be fighting for the right to end a human life before birth?!? Nope they are already proud of that right…
Well shoot! What are they fighting for…
According to Wikipedia – this is for real what it says…
Third Wave Feminism theories…
  1. Intersectionality
  2. Womanism
  3. Sex Positivity
  4. Vegetarian Ecofeminism
  5. Trans Feminism
  6. Post Modern Feminism
If anyone reading this knows what this means… help a sister out and comment below!
Seriously, does any of that make sense!
I suppose it isn’t nice to pick on my liberal sisters… so I’ll leave them with a few suggestions NOBLE and RESPECTABLE on what they could be fighting for.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 7.37.39 PM   I love the honesty.

FGM | Female Genital Mutilation
According to the World Health Organization, 200 million girls and women today have undergone FGM. There are nearly 3 million girls at risk of FGM every year!
How utterly embarrassing is it, that in the United States women march with “knitted pink genitalia” on their heads when there are millions young girls subjected to FGM.
This happens in the United States people! And in over 30 countries, including Asia, Africa and even Southern America.
Please read the link below from WHO! It’s not for the faint of heart!
Education for girls in 3rd world countries!
Half the Sky by Nicolas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn.
This is book written by liberals! But it is a great source of information on FGM, sex trafficking and education of girls in third world countries.
The statistics in this book will blow you away.
Please check out their website –
I just find it so hard to see women on TV in their pink hats, holding their vulgar signs…walking around half naked!
Seriously Ladies. This is what you want the face of your movement to look like?!?
If your mother, aunt or grandmother is claiming to be a “feminist” please inform them on what they are currently fighting for! Third Wave Feminism!
It is not a fight for equality anymore. It is fight to fight. It is fight to be superior over men. It is a fight for opportunities and advantages based on the female sex.
THIRD WAVE FEMINISM is not your Mother’s Feminism! 
It embarrassing. End of story.

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