About Me

Who Am I?

In the words of my best friend Jess…

“Not many people can say they’ve had the same best friend since first grade.

But I can.

From elementary school, becoming neighbors, crushes on boys, awkward (more me than her) middle school, high school, first boyfriend, first love, college, first ‘big girl job’, and buying a house.

We’ve been friends, neighbors, and roommates.

I’ve literally seen it all with this girl. Every single job she’s had, she’s excelled at. Not because of her good looks (which she’s has 😉), but because she works so damn hard.

Every. Single. Day.

She is strong, wildly independent, generous, crafty, smart, loyal (kinda a given since we’ve been bffs for 20+ years), and driven.

She holds steadfast to her beliefs and isn’t afraid to admit her love for Fox News and her cats.

They say you can’t choose your family, so you better choose good friends. But the best thing is when you’re friends become your family, and that is what I have found in my friendship with Stephanie.”

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